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Sharing Events with Other Kid-Capsule Users

December 19, 2011


One of the features we are most excited about in Version 1.2 is the ability to share events with other Kid-Capsule users. Now grandma and grandpa won’t miss a thing. They will have their very own copy of all the priceless moments you have saved. Kid-Capsule will package your event in a file which will be sent via email and can then be imported by the recipient into their own device.

This is how it works:

Send an Event to other Kid-Capsule users:

As usual, tap the button from your event and you will have the option of sharing your event through email, Facebook or Kid-Capsule.

You will have the option of sharing any type of media via email, as long as you have linked photos and videos to your event.

Tapping photo or video will open the appropriate gallery and prepare the media that will be attached to your message and exported to a special kca file.

Kid-Capsule will package your event in a file which will be sent via email.

After sending your email you will return to your event screen.

Receive and Import an Event from other Kid-Capsule users:

When you receive a shared event from a Kid-Capsule user your email will have a kca file attached to it. You will easily recognize it because you will see the Kid-Capsule logo on the attachment while viewing it on your device.

Tapping on the file will prompt you to open it in Kid-Capsule.

Once you open the file, Kid-Capsule will launch and you will be presented with the Event Import Wizard.

The wizard will guide you through the steps to import the event.

Once you finish and the event has been imported, you will be presented with a success message. The imported event will be a replica of the event that the sender has on her device including the child’s profile, the place (together with coordinates if applicable) and the media files that were attached.

For more detailed information, visit our help or if you have questions or suggestions drop us a line.

If you don’t yet have Kid-Capsule, download it on the App Store:

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iPhone apps and Polaroid Legal Issues

June 10, 2011

I love vintage style photo frames, I believe they bring a particular character to photographs and they evoke a certain familiarity. That is why initially, I chose to frame the profile image of Kid-Capsule’s main screen in a Polaroid-esque frame and make the caption screen resembled the bottom of the Polaroid where you add handwritten notes to them. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was going to be the factor that would have my app rejected.

I’ve used several photography apps that have Polaroid style frames and I have also seen other brands of actual film with similar frames. It honestly never occurred to me that it is their Trademark.

This whole issue set my app approval time back about a week even though I submitted my changes the same night it got rejected.

After the app rejection, I found out about others that had the same problem. My reason for posting my experience is to let other developers out there know that this is still an issue with iPhone apps so be cautious and get the appropriate licenses or just change your graphics like I ended up doing.